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Why You Should Attend

  • A Pragmatic Approach

    Our name says it all. We provide practical, actionable training you can implement the very next day in your organization. We provide the templates and tools you need to support your new outside-in approach. Start making an immediate impact on your business and your products with Pragmatic Institute.


Pragmatic Institute Certification

Product management and marketing jobs on sites like Indeed, Monster and CareerBuilder routinely list Pragmatic Institute Certified as a required or preferred attribute—and there’s only one way to get it. Learn More

Course Description


Course Description


FOUNDATIONS | Understanding the market and the problems it faces is key to creating and marketing products people actually want to buy. Foundations teaches you how to listen to the market, and then use that market knowledge to guide decisions, prioritize projects and drive results. Foundations is a prerequisite for most other Pragmatic Institute courses.

Tools & Templates

  • Common challenges faced by product professionals
  • Outside-in vs. inside-out thinking
  • Market vs. customer activities
  • The Pragmatic Framework
  • Gap analysis
  • Discovering market problems
  • The quiet 80%
  • Customer, evaluators, potentials
  • The importance of observation and interviewing
  • Uncovering problems to solve


What Our Alumni Are Saying

“I am so impressed with this course. The content was compelling and often hit too close to home in terms of how my organization approaches the product launch process today. Not only do I hope to immediately apply what I've learned, I plan to develop a business case for taking additional classes. Thanks so much!”

author-test—Erica Kritsberg, Product Marketing, GovDocs

“Indeed, the best professional training I've EVER attended. I will use every bit of what I've learned here. Thank you!”

author-test—Joe Berkman, Product Management, MatrixCare

“I want to take all the other courses! I'd even pay for them myself because they are so valuable. Before Pragmatic Institute Foundations, my role as a product manager seemed like an endless battle uphill. After taking the course, the hill doesn't even exist anymore!”

author-test—Paul Sokol, Product Management, Infusionsoft


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